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Celebrate  The  Real You That Flaunts All You've Got - Real Women With Real Bodies, Real Curves And Real Spirits!
From the desk of Désirée Deul:

"Hi there,

Thanks for taking the time to visit Eden & Elle, offering the only magazine which combines heart-warming articles, eye opening interviews, tips and advice for todays' women  together with breathtaking photo sessions of  REAL "everyday" women.

Throughout the years, I have come across many women who are interested in the glamour photo spreads that can be found in certain mens' magazines. At the same time these women felt that the magazines were too focused on what men wished to see and read, therefore they could not relate to the women posing in the photos.

I also spoke with many women, young and old, who have questions on the bigger life issues but just don't know where to turn for answers.

My intention is to help women understand they can be beautiful in their own bodies. That they don't have to look like a Barbie doll to pose 'semi' nude AND look fabulous and sensual doing so!

So I've created a platform, Eden & Elle Magazine, for us to become stronger by exchanging thoughts and ideas, thereby becoming excited at the prospect of actually being able to achieve all that we desire. A place to show case ourselves and receive valid advice answered by the heart of true good will and hands on experience.

And one extra benefit that has come into being this past year is that men read it too and are learning how to understand us better!"

Yours sincerely,

Chief Editor

Eden and Elle Magazine will be available online again soon! Now not only in English but in Nederlands, Deutsch and Espagnol !